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September 22 2018

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September 21 2018

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"All the alphabets known to Western civilization derive from the Phoenician alphabet. The Phoenician alphabet itself is derived from Egyptian hieroglyphics and proto-Sinaitic, which is commonly thought to be the script in which Moses first penned the Pentateuch. Egyptian and Sinaitic are exactly the what we would expect to see in the script of the Israelites who came up out of Egypt and journeyed to Sinai before colonizing Canaan. In Canaan we see proto-Sinaitic's child system Phoenician, of which paleo-Hebrew is a subcategory. (the priestly or aristocratic variant in my opinion) Archaeologists and linguists admit however that Phoenician and paleo-Hebrew inscriptions are largely indistinguishable. This North-West Semitic paleo-Hebrew/Phoenician script spread around the Mediterranean basin and became the basis of the proto-Greek and Latin alphabets. Use of this alphabet spread throughout every ancient White civilization forming not only the afforementioned classical scripts, but also scripts like Sanskrit, Futhark, Etruscan and the very alphabet in which I write this."
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